Coda File System

Maximum Venus Cache Size

From: Stéphane Zanoni <>
Date: Tue, 24 Oct 2006 13:43:40 -0600
I read through some of the mail listings and found a couple of posts
that states the maximum rvm data file can not be greater then 1GB. 
Since these posts are from 2003-2004, I am hoping that things have

On a Windows XP client, when setting a 20 GB cache size and I trying to
start venus I receive the following error message in

Date: Tue 10/24/2006

12:29:29 Coda Venus, version 6.1.0
12:29:29 /usr/coda/LOG size is 531384850 bytes
12:29:29 /usr/coda/DATA size is 2125539400 bytes
12:29:29 Initializing RVM data...
12:29:29 Recov_InitRDS: rds_zap_heap failed (RVM_EINTERNAL)

My 20 GB cache causes a rvm data size of just over 2 GB.  Is the 1 GB
limitation still a limiting factor or is this something else?

With most laptops/desktops now shipping with more then 40 GB hard
drives, wouldn't a larger cache be advantageous?

Received on 2006-10-24 15:40:01