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Re: Maximum Venus Cache Size

From: Jan Harkes <>
Date: Tue, 24 Oct 2006 15:56:18 -0400
On Tue, Oct 24, 2006 at 01:43:40PM -0600, Stéphane Zanoni wrote:
> I read through some of the mail listings and found a couple of posts
> that states the maximum rvm data file can not be greater then 1GB. 
> Since these posts are from 2003-2004, I am hoping that things have
> changed?

Not really, we are limited by the amount of addressable memory for a
single process. There is about 4GB available on a 32-bit architecture,
but large parts of that address space are already used up by the kernel
(typically top 1-2 GB of the address space), the executable code of the
process and shared libraries, the heap and stack, etc. So you might be
able to squeeze 2GB in there, but then upgrading becomes a russian
roulette as some random shared library or DLL may suddenly overlap with
the RVM memory segment.

> On a Windows XP client, when setting a 20 GB cache size and I trying to
> start venus I receive the following error message in

However, what you are looking for is using 20GB of diskspace, where our
RVM limitations are mostly related to the metadata (number of files).
Venus uses a magic number to get from the cache-size to the number of
files, we simply assume the average file is 24KB. So your client is
trying to preallocate metadata for about 850,000 files / 5,000,000 CML
entries etc.

But you can override the number of cachefiles to a more reasonable
value in venus.conf.

    cachefiles=100000	  # assume average file size ~200KB

It may still trigger some problems, I tend to run my clients with caches
that hold approximately ~8000 - 10000 files.

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