Coda File System

replica - copy many files

From: Lars Hartung <>
Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2006 14:30:27 +0100

we have a running coda server with clients, SuSE Linux, Server kernel is 
2.6.11, client has 2.4.32.

I have to copy many files/directories  2GB , about 300000 files and a few 
thousand directories into the coda filesystem. Works fine as long is there is 
no replica server connected.
With a replica server the files are always inconsistent . I cannot remove or 
repair this directory:   "Error removing inconsistency" 
This always happens after copying around 200MB and only when copying thousands 
of small files. With larger files the scm/replica and the clients are working 

scm log:
09:08:55 InternalCOP2, StoreId = (1c74.1d6c4), UpdateSet = []
09:08:55 Incomplete host set in COP2.
09:08:55 Cop2 is pending for fid 0x1000001.3fe3.a0fa
09:08:55 Incomplete host set in COP2.

replica log:
09:08:39 SetVSStatus: 0x2000001, client 162058, server 162058
09:08:39 SetVSStatus: 0x2000001, NewVS 162058, CBstatus 1
09:08:39 AllocRecord: No space left in volume log.
09:08:39 GatherFids: Entering for 0x2000001.267f.6141
09:08:39 GetResObjs: returning(0)
09:08:39 AllocRecord: No space left in volume log.
09:08:39 SpoolVMLogRecord - no space left in volume
09:08:39 - returns ENOSPC
09:08:39 ViceMakeDir: Error 28 during SpoolVMLogRecord for child

SCM and Replica server are setup with the following parameters:

logfile size= 20M
datafile size= 1G
number of files in filesystem= 16M

Should i raise the size of the logfile? 
During installation it is said that 20MB should be sufficient.

Thanks for your help

Lars Hartung
Received on 2006-03-10 08:32:20