Coda File System

Server doesn't starts with 'rvm_init failed RVM_EIO'

From: Denis Chapligin <>
Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2006 11:53:15 +0200

One of my Coda servers occasinally stopped today and now refuses to

The last messages in log file of the failed server instance was:

09:47:45 GetAttrPlusSHA: Computing SHA 1000001.1768.ae12,
09:50:53 GetAttrPlusSHA: Computing SHA 1000001.20f2a.ab64,
09:50:53 GetAttrPlusSHA: Computing SHA 1000001.20aea.aa34,
09:51:53 GetAttrPlusSHA: Computing SHA 1000001.10dc.1d98,
09:54:35 GetAttrPlusSHA: Computing SHA 1000001.4ae.16d, disk.inode=97b          

And now it doesn't starts with following info:

Date: Fri 03/10/2006                                                            
                                                                                10:38:36 Coda Vice, version 6.0.14  log started	at Fri Mar 10 10:38:36 2006
										10:38:36 RvmType is Rvm                                                         
10:38:36 Main process doing a LWP_Init()                                        
10:38:36 Main thread just did a RVM_SET_THREAD_DATA                            

10:38:36 Setting Rvm Truncate threshhold to 5.                                  

log_recover failed.                                                             
do_rvm_options failed                                                           
10:38:36 rvm_init failed RVM_EIO                                                

The system is Debian GNU/Linux Sarge running on Intel(R) Pentium(R) III
CPU family 1400MHz

I've also attached 'strace -f' log of codasrv process.

Can anybody give me an idea how to fix this problem? :)

						Denis Chapligin

Received on 2006-03-10 04:58:11