Coda File System

Re: kernel patch

From: Alastair Johnson <>
Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2006 09:52:22 +0000
That'll teach me to jump in in the middle of a thread without reading the 
start ;-) Sorry...

There wasn't much in my notes on this I'm afraid. The command below is what I 
used to make kernel binary and fuse module debs. It sounds like you already 
know this though.
make-kpkg --initrd --added-modules fuse --append-to-version  20050908-1 
--revision=3:teleport.1.4 binary modules

It seems I considered debianising one of the atmel usb wlan drivers like this, 
using the fuse instance as a guide, but was pulled off onto something else 
before actually doing it. Must get my memory seen to...

On Wednesday 11 January 2006 15:48, Denis Chapligin wrote:
> There are two ways - add a patch and ask make-kpkg to patch the kernel,
> like 'kernel-patch-2.4-fasttraks150' package does. Or the second way is
> to make an a additional 'module' package like 'alsa-source'. Coda module
> is distributed as additional module, so the second way is the right
> way to deal with it. And my first question to this list was:
> ===
> Hello
> Have anybody there made a debian package for coda kernel module? I mean
> something like 'coda-modules-source'
> ====
> Anyway, that would be great if you may give me some notes about debianizing
> the module distrib. Thanks in advance!
> On Wed, Jan 11, 2006 at 01:05:23PM +0000, Alastair Johnson wrote:
> > There is a 'debian way' of making packages for kernel modules not in the
> > kernel tree, producing a package that depends on the kernel package you
> > make. I used it to keep the fuse module up to date a while ago. I'll see
> > if I can find my notes on the details if you like, but make-kpkg rings a
> > bell.
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