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Re: WinXP successful installation + Sample coda server?

From: Phil Nelson <>
Date: Sun, 11 Dec 2005 21:00:39 -0800
On Saturday 10 December 2005 09:23 pm, Stéphane Zanoni wrote:
> Worked like a charm!

That is great to hear!
> Next step, installing the server.  Is there a WinXP server as well?

There is no binary installation for the WinXP server.  You will need to
get the compiler and library packages for Cygwin and build the server.
There is a "coda-dev" pseudo-package that should load all the required
tools for doing coda development work on Cygwin.  (Note, the coda specific
packages are only on the mirror of cygwin.   Also, it
is currently "out of date" since Coda client has issues with the most recent
version of cygwin1.dll.)

You will need to read the documents on setting up a server.  The server setup
is the same as the "file version"  (as opposed to using device files on UNIX)
setup.   You will also have to learn how to use cygrunsrv to have venus,
auth2, rpc2bind, and updatesrv all run as windows services.  This is needed if
you want to logout and still have those four continue to run.

I can help if you have trouble.


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