Coda File System

Some more question about argument against having both coda-server and client on the same machine

From: mkondrin <>
Date: Mon, 24 Oct 2005 15:48:28 +0400
I have read the Coda-wiki page with Jan Harkes arguments against 
installing coda server and coda client on the same host. If I get it 
right the problem is that client checks the response time of the server 
to solve is it disconnected or not. If the server does not respond 
during the period of time equals "typical response time" times "some 
unknown multiplier" times "number of retries" then the client mark this 
server as disconnected. When both server and client reside on the same 
machine typical response time is about zero. So in the moments when the 
server is busy swapping its data to disk this response time can be 
easily overcome and the client disconnects.
But my question is : suppose we have two replicated servers one of which 
is resided on the same machine as the client. If the client thinks that 
this one server is disconnected wouldn't it try another server? Or is 
the "zero response time" applied for this server too? Can we disable 
disconnection check on the client (suppose we have an environment where 
all connections are physically strong) so it would never disconnect even 
if it "hangs"?

Received on 2005-10-24 07:57:56