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Re: Coda-6.0.12, LWP-2.1, and RPC2-1.28 (Windows version)

From: Phil Nelson <>
Date: Fri, 23 Sep 2005 08:25:03 -0700
On Wednesday 21 September 2005 02:28 pm, Jan Harkes wrote:
> * The Windows XP build is our first 'beta' release. It is a lot more stable
>   than the previous releases, but we're not there yet. Stability seems to be
>   dependent on the installed version of cygwin and the phase of the moon,
>   1.5.11 seems more stable than 1.5.18.
>   For more information see,


   Just in case you didn't visit the web site to read more, I thought I should let
you all know just a little more about the Windows client release.

  a)  The kernel module is *much* more stable than the alpha line.  

  b)  This distribution comes with source code for the kernel module.    It is now
	possible to rebuild the kernel module for yourself.   (Well, you will need
	several extra Windows products to do it, but it is possible!   Details can
	be found in the above mentioned Web page and in the source code for
	the kernel module.)

        I'd really like someone on this list to try to build the kernel module for yourself.
        I'd like the feedback on the documentation I provided.    At a minimum you will
        need a version of MSDN that includes the DDK and Visual Studio.

  c)  Several real annoying bugs have been eliminated.   (But we have discovered
       one more that will take quite a bit of work to fix.  This one has to do with the
       rwx permissions on files.   There is also a problem with the repair tool.)

  d)  vcodacon  (the "visual" codacon) has been vastly improved.    In the "alpha" line
       it was included but the source code was not available.   This utility was written so
       people in the windows environment could have a "visual" codacon which is more
       in line with the typical mode of operation on Windows.    It was also written using
       FLTK ( so that it could be used on all platforms instead of only 
       Windows.   The main features are:

        1)  Buttons change color when it "sees" certain kinds of messages on the codacon.
	Things like a "store" button so you can see that a file is being stored to the servers.
	There is also a "hoard" button that turns yellow during a hoard walk.  Also, clicking
	on the "hoard" button starts a hoard walk.   There are more buttons including one
             that shows "recent activity" on the codacon and when clicked, it brings up a text
             window that shows the text version of codacon.   So you don't need both vcodacon
	and to run a regular codacon in a shell.

        2)  3 progress bars are available to show the progress of files being fetched to the cache.

        3)  Because Windows Explorer doesn't like to look up a file name and thus can't  "look up
             a realm", vcodacon has a menu option to "look up a realm". 

        4)  vcodacon has menu options for clog, ctokens and cunlog.

       It is still not complete, but it is much better than it was.

As usual, please report successes (and problems) to this list!



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