Coda File System

Re: Creating a replicated volume

From: Jeremy Bowen <>
Date: Tue, 13 Sep 2005 09:39:41 +1200
Hi Ivan

On Mon, 12 Sep 2005 9:06 pm, Ivan Popov wrote:
> Volumes are connected into the file name space by so called "mount point"
> objects. You create a mount point by
>  cfs mkm /coda/realm/path

Having slept on it overnight, it all seems quite clear this morning. I don't 
know why I was having so much trouble with it yesterday.

> A volume named "/test" becomes visible as soon as you
> create the corresponding mountpoint with
>  cfs mkm /coda/mrblue.localdomain/test
> and becomes invisible if you happen to remove the mount point:
>  cfs rmm /coda/mrblue.localdomain/test

Yes. It's working as expected now. I think I was getting confused by the older 

Looks like the newer createvol_rep program makes it much easier to specify the 
replicated servers on the command line when creating a new volume. I'm still 
a little unsure about the /vice/db/VSGDB file that I've seen mentioned but 
things do seem to be working without this file currently. Maybe I'm still 
missing something...

> At the very least we would have to implement arbitrary length volume names
> and make a decision about where and how backup volumes shall appear
> in the file name space.
> Volume management would have to be done differently, and done
> from clients, not from servers as it is now.
> Otherwise I feel that your expectation (a volume being visible
> as soon as it is created) is a very reasonable one - though incompatible
> with the existing implementation.

That's fine. It's just been my lack of experience with Coda. I'm happy now 
that I understand more of the fundamentals.

Thanks for all your help.

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