Coda File System

Coda for syncronizing NFS servers?

From: Scott Serr <>
Date: Sat, 10 Sep 2005 16:12:32 -0600
Currently we have offices in several countries that have large NFS 
servers - I think most are NetApps (Network Appliance) NAS.  These are 
currently being syncronized by using rsync cron jobs at night.  The 
problem is this doesn't scale well and the network is having trouble 
keeping up.

I know Coda can syncronize between these sites and it can allow for 
disconnected operation, but...  I think our requirements are that the 
workstation/clients have to be accessing the local servers with NFS.   
Is there a configuration that can handle this?  I've read that clients 
of the Coda filesystem must use the Coda client.

Is there a slick way a Coda client could "re-export" by being an NFS 
server for the local computers too?

Received on 2005-09-10 18:16:59