Coda File System

Re: Coda and RPM/tar/lchown()

From: Patrick Walsh <>
Date: Thu, 28 Apr 2005 08:08:30 -0600
> I would suggest a "user-space" workaround which works for most purposes:
> at the time you run rpm or another program which believes it has
> a local filesystem - give it a local filesystem.

	Yeah, we're doing something similar to what you suggest to workaround
the problem, but still, coda handles the chown() syscall fine, it should
really handle the lchown() syscall the same way, even if it's broken.  

	I'm sure you've had discussions about how best to handle the ownership
issue and I don't want to reignite an old subject, but why wouldn't
there be a config option in venus.conf that specifies a uid/gid with a
recommended user "coda" and group "coda".  The chown() syscalls could do
nothing and return success and any ownership lookups would return the
uid/gid of the user and group specified in venus.conf.  

	But I probably don't know all the arguments and issues...

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eSoft Incorporated
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