Coda File System

Coda release 6.0.9

From: Jan Harkes <>
Date: Wed, 27 Apr 2005 16:37:39 -0400
Coda 6.0.9 is available for download.

A lot of little cleanups all over the place, however no big changes to
RVM or network transports so everything should be drop-in compatible
with previous releases.

Here is a quick overview of what changed,

  - Darwin patches from Stephen Turnbull.
  - heimdal patches for the krb5 support code (Tom Ivar Helbekkmo)
  - fixes some compile errors that resulted from the lwp.h cleanups.
  - allow codadump2tar to deal with long volume names in dump files.
  - rvmsizer now separately shows RVM used for directory contents.
  - cunlog now uses the default realm in venus.conf if it wasn't specified.
  - Avoid permission denied errors when an authenticated user revokes
    his tokens or when they expire.
  - configure should now be able to find libresolv on Darwin.
  - Added udev support to venus-setup along with some other cleanups.
  - avoid a crash when running cfs fr during reintegration.
  - split --with-crypto into individual --with-openssl/krb4/krb5 options.
  - added '-port' option to updatesrv to force it to bind to a specific port.
  - Returning 1 as the directory link count so that the find -noleaf option is
    no longer necessary.
  - Added a pretty much all of the old manpages that I could find.

  - don't drop valid reply packets that come in over the ipv6 socket with an
    ipv6-encoded ipv4 address.
  - fix a 30 second pause that sometimes occurred around the end of an SFTP
  - fixed rp2gen generated stub code, avoid leaking packet buffers in some
    error cases.

  - amd64 support (Brett Lymn)
  - If available, use the more portable makecontext/swapcontext macros from
    ucontext.h for thread switching instead of the assembly in process.S.
  - cleanup of the callback function prototypes in lwp/lwp.h
    Although this broke the build of all other components, so you need
    to rebuild everything if you are building from scratch, the library
    is still binary compatible with previous releases.

  - only fixes some compile errors that resulted from the lwp.h cleanups
    so this one is really only needed when rebuilding from scratch.
Received on 2005-04-27 16:40:13