Coda File System

Re: Help with rvm_malloc's error -9

From: Gabriel B. <>
Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2005 17:12:42 -0300
On Thu, 17 Mar 2005 12:25:55 -0500, Jan Harkes <> wrote:
> On Thu, Mar 17, 2005 at 10:02:35AM -0300, Gabriel B. wrote:
> > rvm_malloc: error -9 size c7c00 file line 365
> > RVMLIB_ASSERT: error in rvmlib_malloc
> Ah, growvnodes... haven't seen that one in a while.
> The second option, which is probably more realistic at the moment, is to
> increase the size of your RVM data segment,
> (and in the long term to store data on more than just a single volume)

Hum. i think my patient had an accidental lobothomy in the brain
surgery. It came back, but without any volumes.

now, i was thinking that i was understanding most of the explanation
(btw, thanks! that was a huge insight on the rvm) but what messed my
head was the last comment about using several volumes... was it all
about the /vice/DATA? i thought you could only have one rvm log and
data. and several storage volumes.

the /vicepa was about 5% of the 16M inodes and 10% of the 9GB (on top
of reiserfs). So, now i just created a new /vice/DATA with 1GB
(previously it had 130MB) and recreated the 20MB /vice/LOG

now i'm filling it again with the same data volume with an audacious
client on the server

On another machine i'm testing with 12 /vicepX of 3Gb each, and the
same data (wich is about 5GB of tiny 3~30KB each)

Received on 2005-03-17 15:13:38