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Re: Another alpha Coda client for Windows XP.

From: Phil Nelson <>
Date: Wed, 9 Mar 2005 11:21:46 -0800
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On Wednesday 09 March 2005 05:37, mkondrin wrote:
> Is it possible to recompile source
> code for coda-6.0.6 with cygwin gcc and kerberos support enabled
> (providing I will manage to install Kerberos-for-windows headers and
> libraries)? I think I don't need to rebuild hard core (cygwin1.dll) -
> only coda user space libraries and utilities.

I've spent a lot of my time on the kernel module for Windows, so I haven't 
played with kerberos.   You should be able to compile the current version of 
coda userland and enable the kerberos support if kerberos is supported by 
cygwin.   The only part of the alpha distribution that you can't currently 
compile again is the XP kernel module.  Everything else is produced by cygwin 
tools from the coda source tree.   

You should also be able to use the current CVS version of the coda trees.  
Also, while I haven't checked recently, coda may work well with the current 
version of cygwin.   The reason for having the cygwin mirror was that 
problems surfaced when my testing was against one cygwin version and others 
tried the alpha client using a different version of cygwin.   So that the  
binary distribution could have a fixed cygwin reference point, we put up a 
cygwin mirror that is not updated like the other cygwin mirrors.   You might 
also notice that the coda mirror adds a "coda-base" package that other cygwin 
mirrors do not have.   This packages is the open source binaries.

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