Coda File System

Re: Another alpha Coda client for Windows XP.

From: mkondrin <>
Date: Wed, 09 Mar 2005 16:37:11 +0300
Phil, thank you very much. A10 client is already up and running on WinXP 
sp1 with cygwin 1.5.12.
I also want to ask you one advice. I have already had coda-server 
(6.0.7) running on Linux with users authenticating on MIT-Kerberos 
(1.4). Although a10 client is based on code for Coda-6.0.6, the kerberos 
authentication is disabled in it. Is it possible to recompile source 
code for coda-6.0.6 with cygwin gcc and kerberos support enabled 
(providing I will manage to install Kerberos-for-windows headers and 
libraries)? I think I don't need to rebuild hard core (cygwin1.dll) - 
only coda user space libraries and utilities.  Or am I wrong and adding 
another authentication mechanism would require cygwin1 rebuilding?
Thank you once more.
Received on 2005-03-09 08:46:31