Coda File System

Re: Coda on AMD64 (Linux) and Windows2000/Xp

From: Ivan Popov <>
Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2005 11:04:20 +0100
On Tue, Jan 18, 2005 at 09:19:30AM +0100, Oliver Eichler wrote:
> I searched the mail archive for AMD64 and noticed that Coda has some problems 
> getting ported to 64bit systems (January 2004). Is this still an issue?

Did you see patches by Michael Tautschnig?
(August 2004)

They might help - I did not try.

> As we do have a mixed network with Windows and Linux clients I need a Windows 
> 2000/Xp client. The news says something about comming soon (October 2004). 
> What is 'soon' :)

I second the question :)

> * Encryption and Passwords: Coda does not encrypt data. Password encryption is 
> weak. Is this right?

Right. RPC2 should be fixed to include a decent encryption, which is
almost straightforward but nobody has either motivation or time.
I have had it on TODO list for several months, but never got to it.

> * Making backups (cloning) is easy as there are scripts. Restoring a backup is 
> bad documented and far from trivial. Still true?

I'm running client-based backups on file level, never used server-side ones.
(You arrange an account which has read rights for all data, and run
your favourite backup software authenticated as that account, on 
some client, well-connected and with a large cache).
Not as efficient as server backups, but gives more flexibility at restores.

> * What happens if the database gets corrupted? Are there any redundancy 
> concepts? Does the server check database integrity cyclic and does it send 
> warnings? 

You are best off with replicated servers. Then you can trash and recreate
a replica of a volume or even a whole server in a disaster case.

No, the server scans its rvm database at start but does not run consistency
checks otherwise.

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