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Re: rvm size...

From: Jiri Navratil <>
Date: Wed, 3 Nov 2004 10:14:18 +0100

Are you using raw partition for RVM or a filestem? If a filesystem ,then
which one?


02. lis (Úterý) v 23:17:00 CET 2004, napsal(a):
> Hy. just trying to reinstall coda, the new, 6.0.7 version (or whatever)
> I found this interresting while use vice-setup (in my previous letter
> I wrote vice-setup instead of venus-setup. sorry)
> The amount of RVM we need to store the metadata for a given
> amount file space can vary enormously. If your typical data set
> consists of many small files, you definitely need more RVM, but
> if you tend to store large files (mp3s, videos or image data)
> we don't need all that much RVM.
> Here are some random samples,
>   mp3 files        ~75MB RVM per GB.
>   jpeg images     ~608MB RVM per GB.
>   email folders ~23024MB RVM per GB.
>   freebsd-src   ~31853MB RVM per GB.
> I don't understand this. For example in the case of a BSD source,
> I need 31853MB=31Gigabytes of rvm space?
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