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From: Éliás Tamás <>
Date: Tue, 2 Nov 2004 23:17:00 +0100
Hy. just trying to reinstall coda, the new, 6.0.7 version (or whatever)

I found this interresting while use vice-setup (in my previous letter
I wrote vice-setup instead of venus-setup. sorry)

The amount of RVM we need to store the metadata for a given
amount file space can vary enormously. If your typical data set
consists of many small files, you definitely need more RVM, but
if you tend to store large files (mp3s, videos or image data)
we don't need all that much RVM.

Here are some random samples,
  mp3 files        ~75MB RVM per GB.
  jpeg images     ~608MB RVM per GB.
  email folders ~23024MB RVM per GB.
  freebsd-src   ~31853MB RVM per GB.

I don't understand this. For example in the case of a BSD source,
I need 31853MB=31Gigabytes of rvm space?

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