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Re: is coda right for me? (mail servers)

From: Steve Simitzis <>
Date: Sat, 16 Oct 2004 04:57:48 -0700
On 10/15/04, Jerry Amundson <> wrote: 

> Per
> "- Allow volumes to contain up to 512K files (previous limit was 256K)."

the volumes can contain 512k numbers of files, but directory size is
still limited to 256kB. (note the difference in units: number of files
for a volume, vs the size in bytes of a directory inode.) 

a 256k directory will fit around 8000 files in coda. when you reach
the directory size limit, the coda clients don't fail gracefully. on
the next write to the directory (ie. a file is added), the client will
crash with a logged assertion.

> Another list member's suggestion was to modify the MTA to hash into 
> multiple sub-dirs. That won't happen, as it would also require changes 
> to POP3/IMAP servers, and I want to stick with the released code of my 
> mail software.

if you're not going to hash your directories, my suggestion would be
to not use IMAP and instruct your POP3 users to select the "delete
mail from server" option. or, you could use quotas (i believe vpopmail
provides some good tools) to keep the number of messages down to a
few thousand per folder.


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