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Re: 64-bit-ifying

From: Christer Bernérus <>
Date: Thu, 14 Oct 2004 17:56:13 -0400
On 13 okt 2004, at 15.21, Ivan Popov wrote:
> With 64-bit we have probably several years to be relatively safe :)
(Sorry for being offtopic here, but I can't resist:)

I guess that you mean that when the human population is getting near 
the magical
18 Ep (Exapeople) we will have some other problems to solve:

We now have about 6 Gp, if that grows exponentially unlimited doubling 
10 years or so, we would reach 18 Ep in about 315 years or so.
However that size of a population would have only about 27 mm2 surface 
on this planet - If we populate the oceans as well, that is...

If we could survive at the surface of the Sun we would have 1.32 m2 
each, wow!

bc is still a useful program.

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