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Re: 64-bit-ifying

From: Ivan Popov <>
Date: Fri, 15 Oct 2004 09:04:18 +0200
Hi Christer,

I can not help contributing to "offtopic" as well :)

> >With 64-bit we have probably several years to be relatively safe :)

> 10 years or so, we would reach 18 Ep in about 315 years or so.
> However that size of a population would have only about 27 mm2 surface 
> each
> on this planet - If we populate the oceans as well, that is...

You did not consider populating the surface/atmosphere in layers,
or the oceans through the depth, did you?

27 mm2 multipied by 20 km height is 0.54 m3 which is a lot,
as circus artists experimentally proved that it is possible to pack
an adult human into 50x50x50 cm (0.125 m3) still keeping him/her alive.
So, we would have more that 4 times margin for survival!


There are also some other amounts which grow, as e.g. the number of
the networked hosts or something else we do not think about now.
Like allocating myriads of accounts per person, for some yet unknown reason...

> bc is still a useful program.

Fully agreed!

> Christer

See you,
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