Coda File System

Re: Six months of Coda - experiences & goodbye

From: Mike Fedyk <>
Date: Sun, 05 Sep 2004 20:01:35 -0700
Johannes Martin wrote:

>Hi everybody,
>I've been using Coda over the last six month and would like to report on
>some of my experiences. I've been using Coda in quite a tiny setup to
>mirror my home directory. My server is a rather old machine, a pentium 133
>with 64 MB RAM, later upgraded to 96 MB RAM and 1.6 GB swap (of which 1GB
>is used for Coda RVM). The server is also serving as a router with a squid
>I have two clients connecting to the server, one of them is a laptop that
>is usually only suspended, the other one a plain computer running only
>occasionally. All systems are running Debian GNU/Linux.
>To start with the good things about Coda: when it works, it's really neat
>to have my files available on both clients without me having to worry
>about copying them over all the time and keeping track of versions.
If you don't use CODA, please give OpenAFS a shot, it looks very promising.

In my case, ever since I found out the entire file has to complete 
transferring before one byte is accessable pretty much ruled it out for 
my uses.
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