Coda File System

Re: Six months of Coda - experiences & goodbye

From: Stephen J. Turnbull <>
Date: Mon, 06 Sep 2004 10:30:34 +0900
>>>>> "Johannes" == Johannes Martin <> writes:

    Johannes> Well, I could deal with conflicts if they weren't show
    Johannes> stoppers, especially if they occur in my home directory:
    Johannes> when .bash_history is in conflict, I often ended up
    Johannes> having a read-only backup/repair volume mounted in my
    Johannes> home directory, preventing me from starting my window
    Johannes> manager (KDE) because it insists on creating files in my
    Johannes> home directory on startup.

YMMV, but I never did get around to putting my home directories on
Coda (partly because I'm running various versions of things on
different hosts with different OSes, and I need host-specific configs;
I also do different things on different hosts, and it's annoying if
.*_history fills up with irrelevant junk).  The things I did need on
different hosts are set up as volume-per-task-category.

AFAIK CMU people have their home directories on Coda.  Maybe Jan could
explain why this doesn't cause regular conflicts?

    Johannes> - better repair tool or more command line support for repairing.
    Johannes> - tools to tell me which objects exactly are in conflict.

I will second these.  I found repair really stubborn about doing
anything useful; I ended up just doing discardalllocal in most cases.
I did once work out how to use norton to figure out Code id to file
system path mappings, but it was just too annoying.  In the end I
would just venus -init in almost all cases.

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