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Re: Linux problem fixed; now for Windows....

From: Phil Nelson <>
Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2004 00:03:18 -0700
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On Sunday 11 July 2004 09:48 pm, Nicholas Haggin wrote:
>         So the big questions now are "What module provides the 'coda'
> service, and how do I get it/turn it on?"

Well, you figured it out very well.   And yes, there has been progress since 
the last alpha release.   I'm chasing a couple of real painful bugs in the 
coda service/venus pair.    I'm planning on having the next alpha real soon 
now.   No, I can't give you a date.

As for where the source lives for the kernel module, there is a separate tree 
for the W2k/XP kernel module.   It has not been released yet due to its 
reliance on a 3rd party closed source File System Development Kit.   I expect 
that in the near future there will be a distribution that allows people to 
recompile the kernel module also.

If enough people wanted it, I could do a binary snapshot with the above bugs 
still left, but if you run into them very often, it can be quite painful.  
One is a blue screen, the other is a hang that often requires a reboot.

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