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ACL and volume mount problems under Linux

From: Nicholas Haggin <>
Date: Wed, 07 Jul 2004 16:57:38 -0500
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	Greetings, all.

	I am running Coda 6.0.6 under Linux (kernel 2.6.7, with version 6 of
the kernel module code), and am having some difficulties on the client
side editing ACLs and mounting volumes.
	I have successfully set up the server and client, created a root
volume, created a volume intended for use as a roaming home directory,
created a user for myself with pdbtool, clog-ed in as the administrative
user, and set a password for my user. Things began to go wrong when I
attempted to mount my homedir volume:

$ cfs mkm /mnt/coda/home/nhaggin h.nhaggin
/mnt/coda/home: No such file or directory

$ cfs la /mnt/coda
~      System:AnyUser  rl

$ cfs sa /mnt/coda System:Administrators rlidwka
/mnt/coda: Operation not permitted

I have not been able to find any output from the Venus console or logs;
some potentially relevant output from dmesg follows:

coda_read_super: device index: 0
coda_read_super: rootfid is (50224f88.ff000001.00000001.00000001)
coda_read_super: rootinode is 1345473417 dev coda
coda_pioctl: Venus returns: -1 for (50224f88.ff000001.00000001.00000001)

Any thoughts or pointers?

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Nicholas Haggin


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