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Re: CODA performance with very low bandwidth

From: Juan Carlos Schroeder <>
Date: Sun, 30 May 2004 16:13:08 -0300
Thanks Steve.

In fact it is rather desirable to use MSWord editor or something similar,
such as OpenOffice, because is the editor being currently used.

I don't really know if there's any document format (different from text
format) that can be "synchronized", and I only have few experience using CVS
for source code. Do you know if OpenOffice XML format could be
"synchronized" in an easy to use way?
Do you know any filesystem or another solution that synchronizes in a more
"transparent" way (not needing user's intervention)? For example using
something like "rsync"? This of course in the case of user's not really
sharing the documents for modification at the same time.
I've read that Intermezzo uses (or used to have) an "Intersync"
synchronizer, but I don't know if that synchronization actually sends only
the "differences" of the files.

Juan Carlos

"Steve Simitzis" <> escribió en el mensaje
> while you could use coda, it sounds more like you want something that
> handles multiple users sharing and editing the same files, possibly at
> the same time, and has the ability to merge changes and resolve
> conflicts.
> if this is your only application, i recommend using cvs or some other
> version control system instead. that way, users work on a local copy,
> and check their changes back to the server, rather than downloading
> entire files back and forth, and potentially changing files that
> someone else has open for writing.
> of course, you might have to choose a file format other than MS word
> if you were to work with version control, but that's beyond the scope
> of this list.
> on the other hand, maybe this is the intended application for hoarding.
> On 05/27/04, Juan Carlos <> wrote:
> > Hi:
> >
> > I've not found around there any benchmark or article about CODA working
> > a bandwith as low as 64Kbps.
> > The use would be basically for edition of MSWord documents. Four or five
> > clients will share a 64Kbps Internet Connection for this purpose. I
> > like to know if this may have an acceptable performance or the
> > would be very bad. The use would not be very intensive neither would be
> > use of random documents.
> > Also I would like to know if that would be much better (and acceptable)
> > a 256kbps connection.
> >
> > I would really appreciate some advice.
> >
> > Juan Carlos
> >
> >
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