Coda File System

Re: CODA performance with very low bandwidth

From: Juan Carlos Schroeder <>
Date: Sun, 30 May 2004 17:23:02 -0300
>     >> If the user is mostly creating files locally which then get
>     >> uploaded to the server, and any updates are made by that user.
>     Juan> What did you mean here? That it should work well with users
>     Juan> only uploading documents?
> If users are modifying the same documents at the same time, you are
> likely to get conflicts.  Coda does not lock documents while you are
> modifying them.

Ok, I think I'd try to find a solution using ACL to avoid these problems,
but I think these problems wont be very common.

>     >> On the other hand, if different users are editing the same
>     >> files, then you might be better off with a different method
>     >> that only sends changes.
>     Juan> Which method would work for this? This is not the case, but
>     Juan> I've seen out there some things about sinchronizing file
>     Juan> versions (consuming much less bandwidth). Is there a
>     Juan> solution for this with low bandwidth?.
> It's not the bandwidth, it's the conflicts.  If you have multiple
> users editing the same file, you either want something that will allow
> you to lock the file, or something that helps you resolve conflicts.
> But htat sounds different from your case.

Yes, I think this wont be a problem.
But (thinking about using less bandwidth) as the clients will be located in
LANs of 4 or 5 computers (all them clients), can't the clients use local LAN
cached copies of the files?
Is it necessary for doing something like this to have a server in the local
LAN? Would this be a good improvement in bandwidth? I'm evaluating if
installing a not very powerful PC as a local server would be much better.

> >From what you say, I think you will be quite happy with Coda.  You
> should run into very few conflicts, your users will notice less lags
> than with a web server most of the time, and uploads (which are
> called "reintegration" in Coda) will be almost always in the
> background and automatic.

Yes, I hope so.
The last thing I have doubts on is how the clients will share the bandwidth
and how to synchronize with the server. How do I avoid the clients going to
"write-disconnected" mode having bandwidth as low as 64KB (and also shared
between them)?

Juan Carlos

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