Coda File System

Re: linux 6.0.6 stuff is not available

From: Jan Harkes <>
Date: Tue, 11 May 2004 16:41:27 -0400
On Tue, May 11, 2004 at 03:27:31PM -0400, Olin Shivers wrote:
> The RH9 rpms are not there. I checked

Just copied them over.

> The only subdirs of
> that seem to have this release are deb/ & src/. Not even kernel/ has updated
> code -- it's way out of date, appearing to have only 6.0.0 stuff. The seven
> RedHat dirs, the Mandrake dir and the sparc/ dir do not have the new 6.0.6
> bits.

I don't have the seven RedHat distributions here, neither do I have
Mandrake (and the harddrive on our RH-sparc machine died).

The kernel package version number does not necessarily have to match the
current Coda package release. I'll just strip the trailing zero (and add
a -1 revision number), linux-coda-6.0-1.tgz contains the source code to
build a Linux-2.4 kernel module needed for any coda-6.0.x client.

> I am trying to hook up to a 6.0.6 debian server with an older 6.0.3 RH client.
> It's crashing all over the place -- "cfs la ." will time out, clog's will
> report filesystem disconnection, weird lossage. I conjecture it's
> client/server version skew. It would make life easier if the 6.0.6 rpms
> were in place. Could you do that?

They are in place now, but I'd be surprised if there is a client-server
version skew. I don't like breaking compatibility all that much as it is
often easy enough to simply introduce a new RPC for new functionality
while keeping the old RPC for older clients (for a while).

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