Coda File System

Re: A couple of Coda questions

From: Tom Ivar Helbekkmo <>
Date: Wed, 28 Apr 2004 13:26:54 +0200
Ivan Popov <> writes:

> So you would begin with allocating a DNS SRV record for your realm.

As simple as this, then?

   coda.dom.ain.   IN SRV   codasrv1.dom.ain
   coda.dom.ain.   IN SRV   codasrv2.dom.ain

...and then a line


in each client's venus.conf file?

> Nowadays you can try to extend volume replication groups.
> See

Thanks -- will study that.

Meanwhile, I'm going to have to start debugging NetBSD again: the
problem I had with UDP routing on my roaming laptop is solved, but
venus (or, more probably, its kernel support layer) manages to hang
the system hard from time to time, especially on sudden access to
large, or many, files.  Reading a number of large files in one fell
swoop, for instance, can do it.  The whole machine hangs completely --
it doesn't respond to keypresses, nor to ICMP ECHO on the network.
No error messages on the console, either.  :-(

This is with Coda from CVS on NetBSD-current/i386, and it's happening
on both the laptop and on the server.  It seems that the server does
it more easily and often, but it's slower, has less RAM, a smaller
venus cache -- and, of course, it's serving the files even as it is
reading them.  It may be a resource exhaustion thing, of course.

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