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Re: Broken link when using realms - cant access server

From: <>
Date: Tue, 6 Apr 2004 13:57:44 +0100

Once again thanks for the reply, and my apologies for the delay inresponding.

> Hmm, there was this little testprogram I added a while ago that can be
> used to do the same lookups as the client is doing,


I followed you link to the document and did as it suggested:

> First thing to check is if we actually have a name for the rootvolume. That
> is the first thing the client asks for. - There should be in a file
> named /vice/db/ROOTVOLUME and it should just   contain a single line of text,
> the name of the rootvolume. 

There is  single line in there with \"codaroot\"

> Once a client has the names of the volume replicas it will perform lookups
> for volume location. 
> - Does \'volutil -h servername getvolumelist\' contain the volume name   (with
> a \'.0\' or \'.1\' extension) 

This returns the following error message:

[root_at_edm_bfhxx_fp002 volutil]# ./volutil -h edm_bfhxx_wb005 getvolumelist
Tokenfile /vice/db/ No such file or directory

Neither the file or the directory exists on the client but both exist on the server.  Last time it was modified was back in November.

> There should also be a little testprogram at /usr/bin/getvolinfo. This can be
> used to do various kinds of volume lookups on various servers. 

>    \'getvolinfo <servername> <rootvolname>\'

This returns the following:

[root_at_edm_bfhxx_fp002 smon2]# ./getvolinfo edm_bfhxx_wb005 codaroot
RPC2 connection to edm_bfhxx_wb005:2432 successful.
Returned volume information for codaroot
        VolumeId 7f000000
        Replicated volume (type 3)

        Type0 id 0
        Type1 id 0
        Type2 id 0
        Type3 id 7f000000
        Type4 id 0

        ServerCount 1
        Replica0 id 01000001, Server0
        Replica1 id 00000000, Server1
        Replica2 id 00000000, Server2
        Replica3 id 00000000, Server3
        Replica4 id 00000000, Server4
        Replica5 id 00000000, Server5
        Replica6 id 00000000, Server6
        Replica7 id 00000000, Server7

        VSGAddr E0000100

I\'ve checked today\'s SrvLog, and it\'s included below:

Date: Tue 04/06/2004

00:38:58 SmonDaemon timer expired
00:38:58 Entered CheckRVMResStat
00:38:58 Starting SmonDaemon timer
01:38:58 SmonDaemon timer expired
01:38:58 Entered CheckRVMResStat
01:38:58 Starting SmonDaemon timer
02:39:28 SmonDaemon timer expired
02:39:28 Entered CheckRVMResStat
02:39:28 Starting SmonDaemon timer
03:39:58 SmonDaemon timer expired
03:39:58 Entered CheckRVMResStat
03:39:58 Starting SmonDaemon timer
04:40:28 SmonDaemon timer expired
04:40:28 Entered CheckRVMResStat
04:40:28 Starting SmonDaemon timer
05:40:58 SmonDaemon timer expired
05:40:58 Entered CheckRVMResStat
05:40:58 Starting SmonDaemon timer
06:41:28 SmonDaemon timer expired
06:41:28 Entered CheckRVMResStat
06:41:28 Starting SmonDaemon timer
07:41:58 SmonDaemon timer expired
07:41:58 Entered CheckRVMResStat
07:41:58 Starting SmonDaemon timer
08:42:28 SmonDaemon timer expired
08:42:28 Entered CheckRVMResStat
08:42:28 Starting SmonDaemon timer
09:42:28 SmonDaemon timer expired
09:42:28 Entered CheckRVMResStat
09:42:28 Starting SmonDaemon timer
10:42:58 SmonDaemon timer expired
10:42:58 Entered CheckRVMResStat
10:42:58 Starting SmonDaemon timer
11:43:28 SmonDaemon timer expired
11:43:28 Entered CheckRVMResStat
11:43:28 Starting SmonDaemon timer
12:43:58 SmonDaemon timer expired
12:43:58 Entered CheckRVMResStat
12:43:58 Starting SmonDaemon timer
13:12:30 client_GetVenusId: got new host
13:28:58 Unbinding RPC2 connection 15401
[root_at_edm_bfhxx_wb005 srv]#

Issuing either the getvolinfo command or the ls command doesn\'t seem to cause any output to it tho\'

I\'m not sure if it helps but ls -l edm_bfhxx_wb005 and ls -l both return the same:

[root_at_edm_bfhxx_fp002 root]# ls -l /coda/edm_bfhxx_wb005
lrw-r--r--    1 root     nfsnobod       18 Apr  6 13:17 /coda/edm_bfhxx_wb005 -> #@edm_bfhxx_wb005
[root_at_edm_bfhxx_fp002 root]# ls -l /coda/
lrw-r--r--    1 root     nfsnobod       33 Apr  6 13:17 /coda/ ->

Any other ideas?

Once again thanks for all your help.


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