Coda File System

Broken link when using realms - cant access server

From: <>
Date: Wed, 24 Mar 2004 08:38:21 +0000
Dear All

I\'m trying to get the new realms based stuff working using 6.0.3.

I have the server working and am now trying to connect to it with a client.

We have a peculiar setup where all our machines run Windows except our web serveres that run LInux.  This means we do not run DNS (we use wins instead).  Therefore I have done the following to resolve names.

1) Hosts - includes a line for each server & client ie edm_bfhxx_wb001

2) venus.conf - includes realm =

I can start venus and then use clog codaroot and this connects.  However if I then do ls -l /coda/ I get the following:

lrw-r--r--    1 root     nfsnobod       17 Mar 23 08:58 coda/ ->

with the link itself highlighted in red.  Trying to cd to the directory gives a no such file or directory.

Can anyone explain to me what I\'m supposed to see as the link and suggest any thing that might be wrong, or how I investigate further?

Many thanks


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