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Disconnected startup (kind of still is Re: Hoarding files with spaces in the name)

From: Jason A. Pattie <>
Date: Fri, 30 Jan 2004 19:47:16 -0600
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To be honest, I just got around to testing out hoarding and how it would
work when starting up disconnected.  I got the broken link to the realm
in the /coda directory as I had read about previously, so I went to
download the latest version of coda-client from CVS.  As I went to build
it using dpkg-buildpackage under Debian, it wouldn't build, telling me
that dpkg-buildpackage: line 175: debian/rules: permission denied or
something like that.  I was able to properly build the amanda packages,
so I looked at the two debian directories under both projects working
directories.  The debian/rules file in coda is not executable coming out
of CVS.  The moment I changed it to be executable, dpkg-buildpackage
worked fine.

Jason A. Pattie wrote:
| I couldn't find an answer after searching the Coda website and Google.
| Whenever I attempt to hoard files with spaces in their names (i.e.,
| 1.1, .mozilla/default/.../Mail/Local Folders, etc.), I
| get a parse error from the hoard command for each file that is listed
| with a space in the name.  It doesn't tell me anything more, just 'parse
| error: <the line contents of my hoard file>'.
| I've tried single quoting the filenames, adding \'s to the spaces, etc.
| ~ It doesn't seem like any combination helps.  Has anyone else run into
| this problem and found a workaround or a solution?
| Thanks.

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