Coda File System

Mac OS X client?

From: Stephen J. Turnbull <>
Date: Thu, 29 Jan 2004 23:57:18 +0900
I've gotten quite used to the convenience of Coda for my personal
files, now that the realms code is usable for disconnected startup and
and a lot of the spurious conflicts are gone.  But I'm also getting
used to the slickness of Quartz and the whole Aqua thang.  Not having
coda on the Mac is a world of pain, especially with the breakage of
changing default shells between Jaguar and Panther.  Unfortunately,
AFAICT there is no kernel-venus interface for Mac OS X yet.

How close is
to being necessary and/or sufficient for implementing the kernel

What is the best place to borrow gobs of code from, FreeBSD or NetBSD,
I guess?  Is there much chance that will be useful given that the
Darwin "kernel" isn't actually BSD, but a BSD "server" running on Mach?

Anybody wanna help?   NB. The closest I've come to kernel hacking is
getting mildly toasted by Linus on one occasion, so maybe it would be
the other way around ... I do the helping.  :-)  For sure, Mac fans
had best not hold their breath waiting for me!

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