Coda File System

Re: Disconnected HOME directories

From: Ivan Popov <>
Date: Fri, 16 Jan 2004 16:09:14 -0500
On Fri, 16 Jan 2004, Jason A. Pattie wrote:

> | hmm, which README do you mean?
> The README from the pam_kcoda tarball.

I hope you do not mean


the only one present in the tarball ?

That one is _not_ for pam_kcoda. It is for the old pam_coda.

> This is the pam_kcoda recommended setting (from the README):
> sample entry for /etc/pam.d/login
> auth    sufficient     /lib/security/ ignore_root

Ok, pity, I see. You took the README for granted, while it was meant just
as a reference point... :( I was too busy at that time to write a new one.

Look at

> I guess if this is not possible that would explain why I cannot login to
> my coda HOME directory before I clog as my user to get a token.

Right, you can not.

> Can I replicate the auth2 daemon on my laptop in order to facilitate
> retrieving a token when starting up disconnected?

You can create "faked" tokens that venus will be happy with,
in disconnected mode. You can e.g. use very old tokens, kept in local
files, no "auth2 daemon" is needed for that.

(auth2 daemon is to be run on servers, not on clients, for security

The problem will begin as soon as venus notices a server and verifies
the faked or too old tokens (which the server rejects) - then you lose
access to your files until you clog.

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