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Re: Disconnected HOME directories

From: Jason A. Pattie <>
Date: Fri, 16 Jan 2004 14:39:36 -0600
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Ivan Popov wrote:
| Hello Jason,
|>| I did find and downloaded and installed that tarball.  I
|>| set it up according to the example in the README, but it doesn't seem to
| hmm, which README do you mean?

The README from the pam_kcoda tarball.

| Here is what my pam config files look like: (approximately)
| ------------------------------------------------
| auth       required
| auth       optional
| auth        required use_first_pass ccache=SAFE
| auth        optional clog /path/to/clog realm
| account    required
| session    required
| session    optional
| session    optional standard
| session    required
| session    optional
| session    optional nocunlog
| session    optional
| session    required
| ------------------------------------------------
| I consider it obsolete as imho there should be a more flexible framework
| for Coda authentication than that - hope it will be - but this one works.

This is the pam_kcoda recommended setting (from the README):

sample entry for /etc/pam.d/login
auth    sufficient     /lib/security/ ignore_root

I think I will try your settings to see if they work better.  Thanks.

|>The strangest thing happened this morning.  I came in to the office,
|>started my laptop (connected), went to a virtual console, logged in as
|>my user, and viola!  It worked!  It connected directly to my HOME
|>directory via coda.  And yet it didn't work yesterday, and I'm pretty
|>sure I had rebooted (but maybe I didn't?).  Did I need to restart PAM or
| PAM cannot be restarted :) as it is just a library linked in by the
| applications like login, xdm, sshd and so on. It does not keep more state
| than any given corresponding application.
| Anyway, it looks like forgotten tokens... suspended, not shut down laptop?

Shutdown, of course.  Am I to understand that a token cannot be
maintained across reboots/restarts of venus?  I.e., how is disconnected
startup supposed to work if I can't shutdown my laptop, take it home,
start it back up, and continue working without reconnecting to the
network?  I thought that was one of the capabilities of coda?

I guess if this is not possible that would explain why I cannot login to
my coda HOME directory before I clog as my user to get a token.

Can I replicate the auth2 daemon on my laptop in order to facilitate
retrieving a token when starting up disconnected?

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