Coda File System

big coda / bsd vs. linux / intermezz vs. coda vs. lustre

From: <>
Date: Wed, 14 Jan 2004 00:19:25 -0500
I have just started using coda and have a few questions I would like to
ask the assembled wisdom of this mailing list.

- Would coda have trouble with large filesystems, in the range 600Gb - 1.5Tb?
  (E.g., a raid)

- If I were to set up a coda server, and I was just as willing to run
  Free/Net/OpenBsd or linux, is there a best candidate?

- I note that there is what seems like a nice coda-follow-on project,
  Intermezzo, which has the usual apparent plusses of a follow-on project:
  clean-slate redesign, can take advantage of existing pieces like ext3, etc.
  But intermezzo seems a zombie -- there's been nothing posted on the page for well over a year. Further,
  chasing pointers on the intermezzo page leads to and

  + Is intermezzo dead, long live lustre? Or what?
  + What's the current energy level of coda development these days?
    The mailing lists seem quite lively, at least.
  + Were one to choose between lustre, coda & intermezzo, can anyone
    give me a rough picture of the tradeoffs? My criteria are:
    + private use, can't pay $$$
    + disconnected use over WAN
    + replicated servers good
    + clients for Win, BSD, linux & Mac good
  Perhaps this coda/intermezzo/lustre question is a politically charged
  question of the sort that makes regular members of this mailing list roll
  their eyes in a here-we-go-again sort of way, and if so, please excuse my

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