Coda File System

Re: SCM cache overflow

From: Frédéric LASSALLE <>
Date: Thu, 27 Nov 2003 16:28:17 +0100
On Fri, 21 Nov 2003 10:26:25 -0500
Jan Harkes <> wrote:

> The root volume is not replicated.
> At the moment is it very messy and error prone to extend the replication
> group of an already existing volume. The easiest thing to do is to
> create a new volume that is replicated.
> Check whether you have a 'VSG' number for both servers in the VSGDB, if
> not add one,
>     /vice/db/VSGDB
>     E0000101 coda-master.intranet.lan coda-slave.intranet.lan
> Then create a replicated volume that we will use as the replicated root.
>     createvol_rep codaroot.rep E0000101
> Then replace the name of the rootvolume in the 'ROOTVOLUME' file,
>     /vice/db/ROOTVOLUME
>     codaroot.rep

Yes ! It's ok SCM send update too now with a second volume mount on

But there is problem when i copy directory or big file. I have an
error, for exemple : "No pseudo device in upcall comms at c885e52"

and if i use "hoard walk", i have :
No pseudo device in upcall comms at c885e52
pioctl:Wall(0): No such device or address
No pseudo device in upcall comms at c885e52
pioctl:Verify(-1, /tmp/filePZNZ5Z, 0, 0): No suche device or address

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