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Re: New user queries :)

From: Lionix <>
Date: Tue, 25 Nov 2003 03:02:06 +0100
Hi Daniel !

>I'm playing around with Coda at the moment to see if it's suitable for our 
>needs here at work. What i'm trying to achieve is a system with a number of 
>web servers, all replicating changes to files off each other in realtime such 
>that we can transparently load-balance between them without any inconsistency 
So you discover coda ! :o)

>I currently have them working on a couple of test machines in a fairly 
>workable way, but i just thought i'd run it through the experts on this 
>mailing list to make sure i'm doing things the right way :) 
I would not say i'm a coda expert... you'll have to wait for an other 
response !!!
But you're lucky that's the way i try to follow !!!

>Basically i have 
>both machines running both client and server, sharing a replicated volume (or 
>whatever the correct term is), and both clients connecting to the server on 
>the local machine.
>Am i correct in assuming that, if one server goes down for whatever reason, 
>the other will continue to function without a problem until the other comes 
>back up, and then pass back any changes that occurred while it was gone? 
That's it...
By there's an amount of transaction that can be logued in the rvm log so 
the serveur should not be down too long... Should make an another crash 
test to know how many operation it can handle...
When was the last one ??? :o)

>Also, if the SCM was removed to install a larger hard drive, is moving the 
>settings over as simple as copying the /vicepa and /vice directories over, or 
>would there be more to it?
I was thinking like that until i tried to move my data from /dev/sda to 
/dev/hde and turn into serious trouble...
 If /vicepa is on the same /dev i think it should work !
But you'll have to try to be sure...
Not always possible in production layout , so "Coda at Home, you'll find 
it very useful too ! "  :o)

Endly I would say :
Don't searchy complex, if you have a new disk ( 2 for a replika on an 
other server) add it in the serveurs, set up a new vicetab for the new 
disk and create your volumes, mount points....and don't disturb system 
too much, softly, until you know what you do !

>Two more questions and then I'm done. Is this system actually production-ready 
>or would i be better off seeking alternative solutions? 
That's a good question...
The web site say no, some people too (?), but others ( I am one of these 
) will say you "yes but with some work and precautions... " !
<troll> you can try AF$ as an alternative ! </troll>
But i don't find it so many feather as coda.

>And finally, which 
>version would i be best off using? I'm using 6.0.3 at the moment,which seems 
>fairly stable, but i haven't done much more tha nsome very basic testing at 
>the moment.
The last one is the better one...
You're up to date...


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