Coda File System

New user queries :)

From: Daniel Andersen <>
Date: Tue, 25 Nov 2003 10:28:18 +1000

I'm playing around with Coda at the moment to see if it's suitable for our 
needs here at work. What i'm trying to achieve is a system with a number of 
web servers, all replicating changes to files off each other in realtime such 
that we can transparently load-balance between them without any inconsistency 
I currently have them working on a couple of test machines in a fairly 
workable way, but i just thought i'd run it through the experts on this 
mailing list to make sure i'm doing things the right way :) Basically i have 
both machines running both client and server, sharing a replicated volume (or 
whatever the correct term is), and both clients connecting to the server on 
the local machine.
Am i correct in assuming that, if one server goes down for whatever reason, 
the other will continue to function without a problem until the other comes 
back up, and then pass back any changes that occurred while it was gone? 
Also, if the SCM was removed to install a larger hard drive, is moving the 
settings over as simple as copying the /vicepa and /vice directories over, or 
would there be more to it?
Two more questions and then I'm done. Is this system actually production-ready 
or would i be better off seeking alternative solutions? And finally, which 
version would i be best off using? I'm using 6.0.3 at the moment,which seems 
fairly stable, but i haven't done much more tha nsome very basic testing at 
the moment.

Thanks for your time,
Received on 2003-11-24 19:37:08