Coda File System

Re: newbie question

From: Ivan Popov <>
Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2003 12:47:08 -0500
Hello Lucas,

hope it is ok with you that I am responding to the list instead.

> I have two volumes created on the server (rootvolume included) but this is
> not reflected on the client. I mean, venus mount /coda in the client but
> it's always empty.

What is the name of your Coda realm?

Basically you can use one (any one but still consequently the same) of
your Coda servers fully qualified host name as a realm name.

In any case you have to teach in some way
[all-clients-in-the-world-including-] your-own-clients
to locate the resources of the realm.
It is a very basic thing, for any distributed system to be able to work.

In the best case the means is valid DNS SRV records, or almost as good
usual address records. That is, either working dns lookup for
the realm name, pointing to its Coda file server(s), or presence of the
realm name in the clients' /etc/hosts, with the same information.

> As you said, I tried the clog command but I got an error that is pasted
> below.

> clog in the client:
> ------------------
> Unable to resolve addresses for Coda auth2 servers in realm
> ''
> Invalid login (RPC2_FAIL (F)).

It looks like clog program either guessed wrong what do you mean
(did you really mean "" as the realm name? I hope
yes), or was unable to find the authentication servers for that realm,
very probably because of missing DNS (and /etc/hosts) information.

If your realm is not "", then did you try to run it
with the explicit Coda user name and realm name like
foouser_at_bar.rea.lm ?

clog can have hard time guessing the right thing - there are already many
Coda realms in the world, and you might wish to authenticate yourself to
any - or even many - of them (say to "") with some
username that is allowed at that realm (say "lucas_guest").
You do not have a Coda account there yet - but how can your clog know? :)

About ls results - do you try to do just

ls /coda   ?

then that would not show you anything,
unless you state what you mean by

ls /coda/your.rea.lm
ls /coda/         (just as a fictitious example)

as Venus (which serves the ls directory listing request)

 - does not know which realm(s) you are interested in
 - has no way to figure out the names of *all* existing realms in the
 - even if it could, you don't want it to! :)

Hope it helps,

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