Coda File System

How can I Check if an replicated Volume already exist?

From: Marko Klaus <>
Date: Tue, 4 Nov 2003 17:13:03 +0000 (UTC)
>> + 
>> + export PATH
>> + prefix=/usr
>> + vicedir=/vice
>> + . codaconfedit server.conf
>This is very strange, my local copy of this file has,
>    . "`codaconfedit server.conf`"
>Which means 'evaluate the file that is returned when running the command 
>"codaconfedit server.conf"'. i.e. codaconfedit searches for the location 
>of your server.conf configuration file and returns the path. We then 
>interpret the contents of this file as a shell script and as a result 
>all the configuration variables.
>What your code seems to do is to try and interpret the codaconfedit 
>as a shell script and it breaks when it fails to execute the elf header 
>a command.
>> ++ ELF
>> createvol_rep: ELF: command not found
>> + '[' '!' -f /vice/hostname -o '!' -f /vice/db/scm ']'
>> ++ cat /vice/hostname
>> ++ cat /vice/db/scm
>> /* that looks like a failure to me: For me says that String that these 
>two SubStrings are not equal
>> */
>> + '[' '!=' 

>Not really, if they were inequal the script would have exited with the 
>message 'This must be run from the scm ('.
>> ++ cat /vice/db/scm
>> + volutil -h dumpvrdb /vice/db/
>> V_BindToServer: binding to host
>> RPC2_NewBinding to server failed with 
>This just looks like the coda server isn't running.

>> /* what does the following String: Is it the scm-nr?
>> */
>> + '[' 255 -ne 0 ']'
>> + echo 'Failed to dump the current VRDB into /vice/db/'
>> + exit 1


 after long time I have some to manage the real interesting things so I 
have a question from a real old thread: 
 You wrote that I have to check if the volume already exist what I want to 
replicate. So how can I do that?

>No 255 is -1, which is the exit code of volutil after if fails, we need 
>volutil to succeed before proceding any further, the next step would be 
>check if the volume you want to create doesn't already exist as a 
>replicated volume.
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