Coda File System

Re: Installing coda

From: Ivan Popov <>
Date: Tue, 04 Nov 2003 08:02:41 -0500
Hello Ariyo,

> 1. I don't find any statement that Coda supports 2.4.x kernel. Instead,
> I found a statement which said that current development for Coda will be
> focused on supporting 2.14 kernel only. Is that true?

Hmm, are you sure it was not a typing error? And I assume you mean Linux

Anyway, Coda works well with recent 2.4.x and also with 2.6-test kernels.

> 2. Which version of Coda that is considered to be the most stable one?

The latest released version is 6.0.3. It is the recommended one.

> In my effort searching the latest version of Coda, I always found "THIS
> VERSION IS BARELY USED IN PRODUCTION ... bla bla bla" or something like
> that.

Coda is barely used in production, that's right. There are many aspects
which decide if it is suitable for your purposes
 - typical file size (hundreds Mb and more per file not to recommend)
 - number of files to be served ("typical Unix files" size distribution
   translates to a total of max 20-30 Gb per server)
 - if there is a chance for conflicting updates from different clients
 - if your users can accept possible conflicts or client reinitializations
 - is a delay at the first open() acceptable
 - ...

> 3. When I install a Coda client by running rpm on lwp, rpc, rvm, and
> coda-client packages, do I need to run any venus script? Does the rpm do
> all hard-work setup?

Hmm, never touched Coda rpms. Probably yes - that is, rpm should do the
setup. Then you probably have to start venus, via an /etc/init.d/....

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