Coda File System

Installing coda

From: Ariyo Nugroho <>
Date: 04 Nov 2003 17:22:44 +0700
Hi all!

I'm a newbie in this list. I'm sorry. May be my questions will be so
trivial for you.

I heard the name Coda accidentally when I was trying to setup an LVS. My
setup led me to distributed filesystems, which is a very new field for
me. And among existing distributed filesystems, I think Coda is the best
one that would suit my needs.

I've examined, and downloaded many information resource about Coda. But
I have a few confusions here.
1. I don't find any statement that Coda supports 2.4.x kernel. Instead,
I found a statement which said that current development for Coda will be
focused on supporting 2.14 kernel only. Is that true?
2. Which version of Coda that is considered to be the most stable one? 
In my effort searching the latest version of Coda, I always found "THIS
VERSION IS BARELY USED IN PRODUCTION ... bla bla bla" or something like
3. When I install a Coda client by running rpm on lwp, rpc, rvm, and
coda-client packages, do I need to run any venus script? Does the rpm do
all hard-work setup?

That's all for this moment. Thank you.


Received on 2003-11-04 05:22:36