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Re: coda newbie with signal 11 on rootvolume !

From: Lionix <>
Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2003 19:25:51 +0100 (CET)
En réponse à Adrian Immler <>:

> i just compiled coda 6.0.1 and set up a server and a client. when i 
> clog'ed in and did cd /coda/<realm> everything worked fine.
> then i did a "df -h" and it showed me that on /coda was 49M free ... 
> (dont ask me why).

Because you setup venus with 50000 blocks !

> the i copied the a 32MB file once into the 
> /coda/<realm> folder, still everything was fine. 

File-size < cache-size so no trouble...

> after copying it 2  times more into the folder (so it exceeded the 49 MB) 

Yep... first copie in cache ok...  but the second, as we could guess that venus
did not had the time to flush the first file on the SCM,  free cache size wasn't
enough to store the second file.... 

> a "df -h " still  told me that there were 49M in size, 3.0kb in use and 3.9T 
> available.  after approx. 5 minutes venus got a zombie with signal 11. when i
> now  restart the venus client everything works... 
> why is my rootvolume only 49M in size when on the server it is on an 
> empty reiserfs formatted partition with 50Gig in size ?

Because that's NOT your rootvolume BUT venus cache size !!!!
You can change it using venus-setup...
After installation rootvolume quota is unlimited..

> why is venus always getting a zombie ?

Because probleme's still not fixed !!!

Do you have CML pending entries in venus startup log ????
( I don't think so because you crashed venus ...perhaps....)

If i where you i would purge cache objects, and grow-up venus size... 
You can't do anything interesting with such a value....

> and one totally other question:
> i need coda to have the same volume on 2 different server, the content
> of the volume must be the same at any time, is this possible with coda ?

That's one most powerful feather of coda... You can replicate volumes on
multiple server, so data are still availaible, can be modified, etc... when a
server is down, because venus automaticaly switch to an availaible replika...


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