Coda File System

coda newbie with signal 11 on rootvolume !

From: Adrian Immler <>
Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2003 17:33:14 +0100
hello world ! ;]

i just compiled coda 6.0.1 and set up a server and a client. when i 
clog'ed in and did cd /coda/<realm> everything worked fine.
then i did a "df -h" and it showed me that on /coda was 49M free ... 
(dont ask me why). the i copied the a 32MB file once into the 
/coda/<realm> folder, still everything was fine. after copying it 2 
times more into the folder (so it exceeded the 49 MB) a "df -h " still 
told me that there were 49M in size, 3.0kb in use and 3.9T available. 
after approx. 5 minutes venus got a zombie with signal 11. when i now 
restart the venus client everything works... until i enter the /coda 
folder and do a "ls" .... then the same thing happens again and again ...

so i have several questions:

why is my rootvolume only 49M in size when on the server it is on an 
empty reiserfs formatted partition with 50Gig in size ?
why is venus always getting a zombie ?

and one totally other question:
i need coda to have the same volume on 2 different server, the content 
of the volume must be the same at any time, is this possible with coda ?

thanks in advance !
Received on 2003-10-27 11:39:26