Coda File System

Re: RPC2 1.20 build troubles on FreeBSD 4.8

From: Wade Stebbings <>
Date: Wed, 22 Oct 2003 15:57:39 -0500
Thanks, Tim.

At the moment I asked, I was working on building a server, but of
course I'll need clients too!

When I realized (in the docs) that there was a test server over at
CMU, I thought I would give that a try, too.  My client is a FreeBSD
4.7 system that I had already made back in the spring.  It's a DNS
server and will become a client of the server I am building.  You're
tip on which Coda software matches which FreeBSD saved me
grief.  And I thank you for that.  I did end up building Coda client
and associated software with the ports collection mechanism, and
that worked pretty much without a glitch.

There was one glitch building Coda client 5.3.19 - when compiling
coda-src/kerndep/pioctl.c it bombed out due to redeclarations of
the int8_t and other types.  Out of expediency in getting something
working, I put the following in include/coda.h, which worked just
fine for me:


Another glitch I ran into was in venus-setup - it did not create the
needed device node when it called MAKEDEV.  The answer
there was to add a '0' at the end of the cfs string inside venus-setup:
from ./MAKEDEV cfs to ./MAKEDEV cfs0 and MAKEDEV happy.

Of course, I realize this is an older Coda and these problems
might already be fixed in a newer revision.  But for completeness,
here they are.


On Monday, October 20, 2003, at 06:13 PM, Tim Robbins wrote:

> Wade Stebbings wrote:
> [...]
>> I have a FreeBSD 4.8 system on which I would like to experiment
>> with CODA.  I downloaded:
>>  coda-6.0.3.tar.gz
>>  lwp-1.10.tar.gz
>>  rpc2-1.20.tar.gz
>>  rvm-1.8.tar.gz
> You might find it easier to build the Coda client & server from the 
> ports collection or from binary packages. They include some patches 
> that were necessary to make them compile on FreeBSD 4.
> Also keep in mind that the Coda 6.x client does not work on FreeBSD 4 
> due to missing kernel support - you'll need to use the 5.x client or 
> run FreeBSD 5.1-CURRENT.
> Tim
Received on 2003-10-22 16:58:41