Coda File System

/home on a coda filesystem.

From: Antoni Grzymala <>
Date: Thu, 23 Oct 2003 04:40:11 -0400
Dear all,

I have a small network of computers that are connected mainly by
a (SLOW) wireless network. Last year I had home directories
shared via NFS and that was painfully slow, not to mention
problems with losing connectivity.

I'm trying to find a better solution this year. Is coda a viable
solution for sharing /home on a network? Is it possible to map
Unix UIDs to Coda users? Is it possible to somehow automatically
mount (perhaps via PAM) the home directory on a coda filesystem
with the correct permissions?

I also had an idea of having *big* files (with, say, an ext3
filesystem in them) and mounting them from the coda filesystem
via a loopback device to get around the problem of requiring Unix
UID in the home directory. Which raises two questions:

1. Can coda do little (incremental) updates to a big file, or
would it update the whole file with every single change (which
would defeat the purpose really)?

2. Does it make sense at all?

If these questions are stupid, please forgive me, I didn't manage
to get coda running when I tried it last year (I suffered some
serious software freezes) and I may not be understanding the
whole concept very well.


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