Coda File System

Venus go bye bye??

From: UpFront Technology <>
Date: Fri, 3 Oct 2003 18:04:21 -0400
Hello all,


	Red Hat 7.3 on ALL servers
	SCM and slave
	3 Instances of Venus running...1 on SCM

	Server setup:

	/coda/public_html/   [user directories]

	Let me preface this by saying I KNOW that CODA is not production per say,
but it is the best FS I have found so far to do what I need it to do.

	I am running CODA in a semi-production environment.  I had a concern from a
customer this after noon saying he was having trouble accessing the FTP
server.  He was uploading his files from FrontPage.  (no front page

	I have a Dell 2600 server running as SCM WITH Venus also.  This server
serves up my FTP server (running ProFTPD).  The customer said that he kept
getting a time out for the FTP server.  I looked several hours after the
e-mail was sent.  I was able to access it, but my other directories were not
there.  this was the error message:

[root_at_OLIVIA public_html]# ls
ls: virtual: Connection timed out
ls: bob: Connection timed out
ls: noheaders: Connection timed out
ls: tmp: Connection timed out
ls: index.html: Connection timed out
ls: ferret-hide-e-hole: Connection timed out
amanda           boycepottery  jemresearch  seiu-local-101  yoho
bluedevilu-stor  dkstudiogal   nossl        test

The other servers running Venus seemed to be ok, I was able to list all

The customers directory in question is dkstudiogal.  It shows ok, but you
can see the others are not there (Connection timed out).

I did a vutil -shutdown  ---that went ok, so I assume veuns was running.  I
restarted the whole server, now everything is OK.

any thoughts?????????
Received on 2003-10-03 18:13:50