Coda File System


From: Tim Hasson <>
Date: Mon, 28 Jul 2003 00:40:43 -0700

I have two CODA servers, replicating 4 volumes.
I shutdown coda2, write a file to coda1, bring coda2 back up and I get an 
inconsistency on the directory containing that file.
Why doesn't it automatically reintegrate?
I have to run repair manually, and if I had rather deleted the only file in a 
directory, i have to specify /dev/null for a fixfile to get repair to get me 
to "dorepair".
I am running coda-6.0.1 server and 5.3.2 client from ports on FreeBSD-4.8
Running the 6.0.1 client of default kernel with coda.ko kernel module gives an 
error "kernel version skew". I guess I need to apply a patch to the kernel or 
recompile the coda module? I think I seen someone post a link to the patches 
that were to be commited to -CURRENT. Is anyone using venus 6.0.1 on FreeBSD 

Note: I had some troubles with courier-imap (for anyone who would like to use 
it on coda) and I had to change a link() in liblock/mail.c to rename() to fix 
it. It's been running fine ever since (a week so far) with about 400MB of mail.
Qmail works fine with a qmail-local coda patch that I found on the list.
Current stable vpopmail does not contain any link() functions but all renames 
which is awesome.

Which reminds me, what is the maximum number of the smallest files (1k) and a 
few directories that you can have under 1 codasrv process with 1GB RVM?
Can you run more than 1 codasrv process on the same machine to serve more 
files? Is that a performance hit?

Received on 2003-07-28 03:46:52