Coda File System

need some help with replication

From: Deives Michellis <>
Date: Tue, 15 Jul 2003 09:59:06 -0300
i need some help replicating coda fs...

every time I change those files, my "slave" coda servers die with exitcode 77 and there is this message on the logs:

oot_at_Trinity:/vice/srv# cat SrvErr
Assertion failed: 0, file "", line 222

root_at_Trinity:/vice/srv# tail SrvLog
10:42:42 SalvageFileSys:  unclaimed volume header file or no Inodes in volume 3000001
10:42:42 SalvageFileSys: Therefore only resetting inUse flag
10:42:42 SalvageFileSys completed on /vicepa
10:42:42 VAttachVolumeById: vol 3000001 (repvolume2.1) attached and online
10:42:42 Attached 1 volumes; 0 volumes not attached
lqman: Creating LockQueue Manager.....LockQueue Manager starting .....
10:42:42 LockQueue Manager just did a rvmlib_set_thread_data()

VSGAddr = 0xe0000100 0xc0a8000d 

Here is my VSGDB:

root_at_Ragnarok:/vice/db# cat VSGDB 
E0000100 Ragnarok
E0000100 Trinity
E0000100 Ragnarok Trinity

I've tried diferente IDs (such as E0000101 Trinity and E0000102 Ragnarok Trinity), but the last ones didnt work. The volumes didnt replicated.

Has anybody made a replication-howto-for-n00bs, or could send me you config files as an example? I would really appreciate that, as the documentation provided on the website is for advanced users, not newbies.



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